Ice hockey school

Dear parents and guardians,

in order to  make it possible for your children to try skating and introduce ice hockey to them, our club organizes a free skating course. The course is organized through 8 lessons (8 hours) within 2 months period, after which the children can decide whether they would like to continue with hockey school at the club. For those who decide to practice hockey, the club provides complete initial equipment for training. And the adventure begins…
And those who will not find ice hockey interesting enough to continue, will still be enriched by one more skill and experience of the first skating steps.

You can register your child by filling out the form -> Registration

or by sending an e-mail to: 

For all additional information, feel free to contact the head of the hockey school:
Phone: +385 99 521 3737

The ice hockey school represents the first touch of future hockey players with this wonderful sport, ideally between the ages of 4 and 6. The main goal of the hockey school is to animate and motivate children to play sports and to prepare them for the increased efforts that await them in their older ages.
In addition to skating technique, stick handling and other skills necessary for a successful gameplay, children at the hockey school master the basic rules of the game and develop team spirit by learning what it means to be part of a team.
The children practice for 10 months per season. In the winter the training takes place mainly on the ice, and towards the summer months, part of the training on the ice is replaced by indoor and outdoor training in which the emphasis is on fitness preparation and mastering the skill of stick handling.
From the very beginning, young hockey players play matches adapted to their age and abilities, which helps them learn how to cope with both winning and loosing the game and develop sports spirit from the youngest age.

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