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Ice hockey club Zagreb

Ice hockey club Zagreb (KHL Zagreb) was founded in 1982. At the very beginning, the club was called “Novi Zagreb Ice Hockey School“. The school aimed to create a strong base in the youngest categories and, through systematic work with the support of top coaches, create quality that would extend to all competitive categories.

That combination soon began to produce results, so the school grew into a real ice hockey club “Zagreb“. Under the new name, the club quickly established itself as one of the flagships of Croatian hockey, as confirmed by the 1991/92 season, in which the senior team won their first Croatian championship. He repeated that success five more times with the last title won in 2023.

The war years had a negative impact on the hockey school, which temporarily stopped its activities. The result was a lack of junior competition categories in the following years. In 1996, the ice hockey school “Zagi” joined the club. This process experienced its expansion in the 2007/08 season, when the club once again had all selections, from a little school with players born in 2002 all the way to seniors.

Today, the club has around 120 registered players, whose number is growing year by year. In the jubilee year of the club in 2007, five Croatian championship titles were won in seven competition categories. And in the 2022/23 season. four gold medals were won in the Senior, Junior, U17 and U15 categories, and one bronze medal in the U13 category.

in 1982

Ice hockey club Zagreb was founded under the name “Novi Zagreb Ice Hockey School”


The senior team wins the first Croatian championship (repeats this success 5 more times)

in 1996

The hockey school “Zagi” joins the club

in 2007

In seven competitive categories, he won five Croatian championship titles


The season in which the club again has all selections

in 2019

The senior team wins the Croatian championship for the fifth time


The club has more than 120 members